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Here are the companies Creel Concepts or its affiliated partners invested in.

Alpine Riding

A new way to ride! Alpine Riding is the newest mountain sport to arrive in North America, all the way from the Alps.






Sens.ai brings to the public the latest advances in neurotechnology to harness brain’s natural ability to learn new patterns in order to improve focus, creativity and reduce aging. 


Damon Motorcycles

Damon Motorcycles is a disruptive automotive technology company causing a paradigm shift for safer, smarter motorcycling.




onoff allows you to use multiple phone numbers on your phone, instantly. Get a burner phone number for dating, a second phone number for work, a temporary one while on holidays to save on your communications etc.




Cellulotech is a material science R&D company that aims to revolutionze the paper and packaging industry and protect the environment with a patented-process that provides strong barriers properties to paper and replace plastic linings/coatings, waxes or harmful chemical elements. This process is fully scalable and cost competitive with actual solutions. The end material remains fully repulpable, compostable and biodegradable. 


Poly To Poly

Poly To Poly is a recycled polymers supply organizer striving for a cleaner planet. Their platform and technology allows plastic converters to optimize their supply chain and increase the recycling rate of plastics.




Sphere is a platform that connects coaches and those seeking guidance in order to help connect them with their potential, and give them an unbiased thinking partner and high impact conversations to achieve their goals, take leaps, spark change and play bigger.



Ædelhard was founded to help evolve the concept of the modern gentleman. Too often in the past, masculinity has worked against inclusivity, positivity, and respect. We are redefining what it means to be a modern gentleman through stories, products and experiences. We are purveyors of performance tailoring for the modern gentleman combining classic tailoring with technical fabrics. Comfort. Style. Performance. A match made in heaven.Just naturally calming, soothing, effective relief – that’s it.



ULLR Adventure Maps is Whistler’s best adventure map and it allows you to explore the mountains like never before. The app was launched on November 15, 2017 with maps for both Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain. It includes all grades of runs colour-coded, lifts and even cliff areas you should avoid. Whilst allowing you to add friends and track their location making it easier to meet up on ski days or see where your family are whilst you sip on a hot chocolate. It is the perfect map app for people who love the outdoors, people who are coming to Whistler on vacation, people who live in the Sea to Sky Corridor, and for those who work in ski patrolling, grooming or have any other on-mountain career.


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